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Americana Decor Chalky Finish : Everlasting 8oz

Paint over and distress any dated metal hardware. This saves you the trouble of removing it and the expense of replacing unattractive hardware.

A large round brush is perfect for working wax into dimensional and textured surfaces or applying wax on a large surface.

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Product Description


Gorgeous Home Decor paint with a chalky finish for your projects: White Everlasting Americana Chalky Finish. An ultra matte paint that is easily distressed for a vintage look. Features:- Covers in one coat on most surfaces. Easily distressed for a vintage look. Mixable colours for a custom design. No need to prime, sand or prepare the surface in any way. Excellent opaque coverage. Early adhesion to all prior finishes. Can be buffed to a smooth, shiny finish on its own or by using a Crème Wax. Quick and easy clean up. Water-based and non-toxic. Sold as a SINGLE 8oz pot. • Ultra-matte, chalky finish • Available in 29 vintage, intermixable colors • No priming or prep needed • Adheres to even the slickest surfaces • Easier to distress than other acrylic paints • One-coat coverage with most colors on most surfaces • Durable due to unique cross-linking feature of paint resin system • Minimum odor from both paint and wax products due to low VOCs • Water-based for easy clean-up • Made in the USA